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Welcome to U Drive Mobility, providing customised unique Total Access Vehicles.
For the first time, wheelchair users, their family and friends, have access to a unique range of vehicles with all encompassing design features. With easy wheelchair access we are not just providing a simple transport facility, but a full drive by wheelchair mobility solution.

Latest Updates for October 2016:

News Flash:

On the 14th of October 2016 NZTA attended the TSL test facility in Albany to witness a standards crash tests on the UDM Skoda Yeti including:

All testing was carried out on car build 2, the first NZ alloy car made!

We are pleased to report that the crash test chassis past all required tests, as well as recent confirmation advice of successful EU/ECE test completion on the cars German market release by ACA-France.

This satisfies NZTA that the existing and future NZ built cars are safe, and over the next month or so they are working to reissue LVV full exemption plates to all cars in order to return full financial tradeable value to UDM vehicles. It also vindicates UDM's advanced patented design to progress back to full manufacture by the end of this year.

LVVTA was not present at the test, which refutes all their safety suspicion claims that resulted in the vehicles initial decertification as a result of an established competitor's complaint in 2013.

ACA France with UDM YETI at Dusseldorf, German release.

UTAC have supplied confirmation letter to ACA that all EU/ECE testing has been successfully completed and that paperwork for full unlimited volume homolgation is now being finalised...

Getting ready
Getting ready


Flagship and Special Interest Vehicles

Skoda Yeti Drive (Patent Pending)

Skoda Yeti DWAV

The UDM Skoda Yeti Drive.
A remote operated, automatic rear entry ramp, low floor total access drive from wheelchair SUV with convertible seating for 4 family members and combinations of up to 3 wheelchairs including interchangeable ambulant and wheelchair user drivers, front and rear passenger wheelchair positions, and folding, wheeled interchangeable seating.

Details and Specifications...

Special Interest Vehicles

Special Interest Vehicles

UDM have established a new vehicle preparation division to cater to those hankering after access to production vehicles rarely available in the New Zealand Market. These can be pre-ordered and titled with Special Interest Vehicle permits in original Left hand Drive form, or for those who don't want the hassle, UDM carry out a fully warranted, registered Right Hand Drive conversion.

Special Interest Vehicles...